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Dunno why I’m posting about this stuff, except that I’m sorta proud of myself. *smiles*

Yesterday I bought the candles and stand for our Unity Candle ceremony. About $15 total! (Which is much better than the $30-50 that you spend if it’s an officially sanctioned “wedding accessory”. Ugh.) Then I decorated the candles with dried red rose petals saved from Valentine’s Day and other rose bouquets that John has given me in the past, which I think gives the whole meaning of the ceremony a deeper level… showing our history in a tangible artifact. A quick rundown of the method of decoration for those of you who are crafty-types:

Starting tips-
- I found that if I rehydrated the rose petals at least slightly by soaking them in warm water for a few minutes, they were much easier to work with. I’m not sure how the rehydration process would work with other types of dried flowers, but they only needed to be slightly more pliable to work well.
- I melted a white votive candle on the stove top in a disposable pie pan. I found that the wax needed to be –very hot- for the effect to be almost transparent, but the wax of the candle that I was melting tended to smoke or “steam” when it got to the right heat. So I spent a lot of time turning the heat on-and-off to minimize the smoking stuff.
- Originally I tried microwaving the candle in a Tupperware container, but it didn’t work –at all-. Even after 10 minutes of microwaving the candle wasn’t melted. Who woulda thunk?

I used plain white piller candles ($2-$3 at Walmart) and taper candles that I had already as the basis of the set. I melted a white votive candle in a disposable pie pan on the stove top then, using a fairly wide flat stiff bristled paint brush, I painted a thin coat of wax on the back of the (rehydrated) petal of my choice. Then I –immediately- pressed the petal into place on the side of the candle. The thin layer of hot wax adheres the petal to the candle. Then I painted another thin layer of melted wax –over- the petal, sealing it into the candle wax and making it seem like it was imbedded in the candle mold when the candle was made. Again… the hotter the wax, the easier it is to paint and come out with a thin, transparent looking layer of wax over the petal. Continue painting on petals until you’re happy with the decoration and pattern. I made the petals look like they were drifting down the side of the candle and collecting at the bottom, but I think it would also look neat if the candles were completely covered in rose petals.

So… my crafty wedding tip of the day. *smiles*

I also found the stockings I wanted for the wedding. Finally! Who would have thought that sheer silver shimmery stockings would be so %(*&^# hard to find?!? I’ve been looking for months!
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