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Whoohoo! A New Icon!

Alright... that's not the only reason I'm updating. It's been too long, I think... this poor journal is starting to feel dusty and neglected already. So I thought I'd do a quick "consolidation" post for those who are still watching.

Pages of pictures:
Setting Up Friday Night (there will be more pictures coming soon)-
Ceremony Pictures (I think everyone has seen these)-
Reception Pictures (Did I not post these to my journal?)-
The Beginning of the Wedding Writeup (which will be moved to another URL soon)-

Honeymoon pictures still need to be loaded off the camera, that's how lame I am. I really think I need to get one of those online gallery programs because making all of these thumbnails is killing me!

We've settled easily into married life, for those who want to know. It's been much more relaxed now that we don't have this huge thing hanging over our heads and sucking all of our money away. Not to say things are instantly easier, since I'm sure I will come up with a new money-sucking project (building an enclosed front patio, maybe?) but infinitely more stress-less.

Hrm... not sure what else to report. Thank You cards should be going out soon; there was a slight delay when we thought our tracking list had dissapeared! Eeek!

For everyone who came, and especially those who pitched in and lent a hand when you could see we needed it, a huge THANK YOU goes out. We both mean that from the heart... I'm so glad that everything turned out as well as it did (there was some question there at the end, wasn't there? *winks*)
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